Project Summary

Futbalmania is innovative project based on transformation of local Slovak project to nationwide project with foreign partnerships.

Based on success of local project, “best practices” from across Europe and various educational activities we will create long-term project whose impact exceeds its duration. The ultimate objective of the project is sustainable, independent and long-term implementation of activities that have been successfully tested locally and approved by experienced foreign partners. Despite success of Mlady slovanista (local project on which Futbalmania is based) many of problems persisted. We have realized that the necessary change can be achieved only by nationwide project.


The ultimate objective of Futbalmania project is not to create nationwide project for 30 months. Our ultimate objective is to educate, show the best practices and teach football clubs that working with communities, fighting against violence, racism or hooliganism, working with children, schools or foreign partners is right, meaningful and beneficial for everyone.

Design of the project is composed from various activities - creating real activities (community and stadium), educational activities (conferences, seminars, internships for university students), building foreign internships and exchange of know-how.

Real activities

Educational activities

Foreign internships

There are two primary target groups of the project – local club communities (with an emphasis on youth) and football clubs. Our project is “recipe” for disseminating ideas of fairplay, tolerance, equality and community work. Mostly through educational and community activities directly in local clubs and communities. We will spread these ideas that will improve the most problematic parts in sport in Slovakia. Every major improvement of this type is starting with working mostly with children, adolescents and families. This is the essential and primary group that is necessary to start work with.

International partnership


F.C. United of Manchester

Vienna Institute for International Dialogue and Cooperation

FC Zbrojovka Brno

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